T h e   N o t   S o   S m a l l   P r i n t . . .

No project is the same.  Nor should it ever be.

Our prices are governed by solution size, schedule, brief, and content - all of which can vary greatly from project to project.  For this reason, it is impossible for us to compile a definitive price guide.

Please call or email us with
your requirements and we will provide you with a quote, without hesitation.

Alternatively, let us know your allocated budget and tell us what you need.  We are called Design Solutions for a reason...

We are here to help.

Just ask.

"Teach us that wealth is not elegance, that profusion is not magnificence, that splendor is not beauty."
- Benjamin Disraeli
"Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity."
- Coco Chanel
We have a variety of multi-project solutions for new and existing businesses, making brand consistency and harmonisation a breeze!